Are you ready to party like you mean it? let the music say it for you!


This is how you can hire me and my band to sing for you,


If you are working with an agent or booking person please have that person contact me, in your message, I will need to know...


#1.your Date/dates?




#3.describe your musicical desires for this performance?





"I believe in making the world a better place. And uplifting those around me"



Cockatils and swing tunes,    

the minimum number of musicians I like to be hired with is a quartet, (unless I'm just being hired alone to record or contracted to play with another band.)  

I recomend a 14 piece band to make people dance their asses off!!!

that's where I shine. I love to create art in many contexts but the art of a great show or great party with live music is what I know best. When everything is right it sets a mood that trasports your body and soul.



Please email me to check availability and book theaters, clubs, and bars.

I am available in NYC, Miami, Florida and Boulder, Colorado.



If you are working with an event planner or music agent please Fill out this form New Client inquiry for availibility and prices,

please let me know the date and venue 

peace love and music,